Excitement in the Amethyst Campsite!

Hi! I hope anyone who sees this is enjoying their September! I’ve been back at school for a few weeks now, but I still find time to check in on Amethyst, as usual!

A few weeks ago, Nana moved away unexpectedly, which mostly annoyed me because I am not a fan of the campsite process. Waiting for the tent to even show up can take forever, and even then, it’s not usually a villager I want, and I just have to wait around. (Don’t get me wrong, I love the campsite and what it does, it just has its annoyances!)

However, I will say I’ve had some pretty good luck with the campsite in the past when it comes to “popular” villagers. Julian showed up in my campsite not long after I started my town. Super cute villagers like Fauna, Bluebear, Eric and Biskit all came from my campsite. In the AC tumblr community, I’ve seen people offer “dream” villagers for millions of bells, and a lot of players are willing to go through the process of trading, selling, adopting, or hacking to get their dreamies. (I admire those who do- I just don’t have the time or investment to do that!) In general, Marshal is considered to be the most popular or “rare” villager in New Leaf, even before the game came out. I didn’t do anything to get him, he just showed up in my campsite and I’ve had him ever since.

What I mean to say is, I’ve never really had a strict system for finding villagers, I let the random nature of move-ins and the campsite take care of it. I also don’t \ stick to a definitive list of dream villagers. HOWEVER….

DIANA has been a true dream villager of mine for a while, and in the past I’ve considered buying/adopting her from another tumblr user, or getting a player with a powersaved town to reserve her for me.

So imagine my shock when I saw her in my campsite this morning, and I GOT HER TO MOVE IN!


Diana, one of my only true dream villagers, is moving to Amethyst through pure luck! Amazing! I’m certain she’ll plop her house down in an absolutely awful spot in town and I’ll be extremely mad, but for a dreamie, it’s worth it. 🙂

To anyone reading, may your dreamies find their way to you soon!

-Mayor Sophie


Late Summer DREAM ADDRESS UPDATE! 5500-2145-9833

All throughout this summer I’ve been eager to update my dream address again, but something always got in the way, from villagers moving out and in, to rooms not being finished…but now that’s all behind me and I’ve updated Amethyst’s dream address! I almost never update my dream town at night because I like the way the late afternoon sky gives everything a pinkish glow. However, I decided I needed to have a night town to make the most of the new observatory room!

HNI_0085_MPO HNI_0084_MPO

Some of the outdoor areas are basically the same as usual. The fountain area is changed slightly because of Penelope’s house, but the rose garden in front of town hall is still intact in all of its glory.

HNI_0083_MPO HNI_0086_MPO

The forest in the bottom rightmost part of town remains unspoiled since it’s impossible for any villagers to move in there. The campsite is also still one of my favorite spots, a perfect place to sit and view the starry night sky!

HNI_0081_MPO HNI_0080_MPO

There’s been a little bit of regarding around the hammock but it still has the best view of the sky. I’m also really loving how Mauve’s house lights up pink at night.

I hope anyone who visits will enjoy this night time vision of Amethyst! There’s plenty of presents by the town tree to play with too!

-Mayor Sophie


Updates from last time:

-New rooms in Mauve, Saria and Artemis’ house

-Picnic area near bulletin board

-Demolished tulip topiary, built round topiary and flower bed

-New villagers Freya, Teddy and Penelope

-Fully decorated beaches!

June/August updates- Penelope, Fireworks, and the OBSERVATORY have arrived!!

Hi again! Just wanted to make a post about some things that have been happening around town over the last few weeks. I have some new rooms and villagers to share!


I’ve had this wisteria trellis for a while but I wasn’t quite happy with the floral arrangements around it. I swapped out the purple and white color scheme for purple and red to match the apple trees. This picture has gotten a pretty good reception on tumblr so I’d say this color scheme will be staying!

tumblr_nrtdwxBCPr1r33ii5o1_400 tumblr_nryjz90Kus1r33ii5o1_400

Now for someone who’s not staying: Lobo moved away without warning. I liked him and his house exterior a lot but if anyone was going to be moving out of Amethyst unexpectedly, I’m fine with it being him.

tumblr_nsiomker5s1r33ii5o1_400 tumblr_nskmt2Barq1r33ii5o1_400

But of course, with new neighbors come new problems. Penelope is really cute so it’s worth it to keep her, but she really picked a bad spot. The fountain area is my favorite part of town and her house destroyed the path, killed a tree and blocks the way to the face cutout. I remember a year or so ago Genji moved into this spot and it was a nightmare! I was mad but I think I’ve done a decent job of making it work.

tumblr_nskps5iBtm1r33ii5o1_400 tumblr_nso982AdSQ1r33ii5o1_400

I rerouted the path and kind of made it more natural looking. As someone who can’t plot reset because I have 4 characters, I have learned how to be creative when it comes to working around a poorly placed house. It was worth it- just look how adorable the inside of Penelope’s house is! I’m going to try to keep her from selling her furniture at retail and messing it up.

tumblr_nsdmatv0Go1r33ii5o1_400 tumblr_nsgqwrWRJf1r33ii5o1_400

In other news, I’ve been working on the area around Mauve’s house since Freya’s house destroyed a few things. It’s looking great now and Freya and I are clearly getting along great, even if it’s just through sleeping on the bench!

tumblr_nshj871VhS1r33ii5o1_400 tumblr_nshj871VhS1r33ii5o2_400

The first Sunday of August also marked the first fireworks show! I look forward to these every year. They’re so much fun, but at the same time it feels bittersweet knowing that Summer is coming to an end. That means less time for playing AC and blogging :/

tumblr_nrrpofTw0U1r33ii5o1_540 tumblr_nrvi8wrdUI1r33ii5o1_400 tumblr_nrvi8wrdUI1r33ii5o2_400 tumblr_nsoxp1BlPV1r33ii5o1_400

In other news, Artemis’ observatory is complete! The last picture is with my mayor after fully finishing it and the others are from when it was a work in progress. I am extremely proud of this room! It might be my new favorite, but then again I love all the rooms in Artemis’ library! Ever since I unlocked the second museum floor and saw Celeste just standing there in the Museum gift shop, I’ve wanted to make an observatory in honor of AC games past. I think it was a mistake to not have the observatory in New Leaf and I hope it reappears in future games. For now, I will enjoy my stargazing at the Amethyst Public Library.

That’s all for now! Tomorrow I leave for Rhode Island where I will be on vacation for a week and probably not playing a lot of AC. I hope anyone who reads this is having a glorious summer! Feel free to leave a comment below and have a great day!

-Mayor Sophie

June/July happenings in Amethyst- Move-ins, move-outs, and landscaping woes

Wow, I realized it’s kind of been a while since I’ve updated! Being focused on my main AC blog means I tend to forget that I even have this one. This post will just be of some recent happenings in Amethyst. Last month was the two-year anniversary of my town- I think I’ll post a retrospective thing soon. For now, here’s what’s been going on lately:

biskit moved outtutu reappears

Very sadly, Biskit moved out without telling me. 😦 I try to be really careful about checking for villagers who want to move out, but unfortunately it still happens from time to time. But, on a happier note, that meant Tutu started showing up on Main Street again. She wasn’t in town for long so it was nice to see her. She’s so cute!

teddy's houseteddy in rain

Speaking of cute bears, Teddy moved in! Teddy was the first AC villager I ever talked to when I first started playing Wild World in 2007. He’s a cutie and his house is so pretty too. As you will see later in this post, however, this area has changed fairly drastically…

garden sunsetround topiary

I have so many pictures of the area outside of my train station but it is truly my favorite area in town. It looked especially beautiful in this sunset. Not far from there, I did some landscaping and built a round topiary. It’s just a placeholder until a snooty villager suggests the statue fountain, but I do still like it.

freya in camp why freya

Now here comes the other unfortunate event in this post…I was excited to have Freya move in because she’s cute, and she’s snooty, so that doubles my chances of getting the statue fountain requested along with Queenie. Unfortunately, her house plot destroyed a pretty important part of my path. I was so mad I shut off the game. It seems like every time I have my town close to “perfect”, someone moves out or in and ruins it, and then I have to do more landscaping and re-routing with my paths.

outside freya's house outside mauve's

So today I sucked it up and got to landscaping. It doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would be! I did have to change the entrance to Mauve’s house (on the right) after I had it exactly how I liked it, though. I think it will look good with two more trees in front, and then in between those I will plant bushes and have a stump in the middle.

picnic blanket

Lastly, the area where Biskit used to live is going to be a little picnic area. I realized I hit my 30-pwp limit recently, so I have to get a little creative in the empty spots in town. I may knock down one or two pwps to change things up, though.

I guess all this change in Amethyst is a not-so-friendly reminder that nothing is ever set in stone or finished in this town. There are two ways to approach this situation: focus all my time on ignoring Freya to get her to move out ASAP, or work around it and channel my energy into further improving my town with what I have. For now I’m going with option number two! I can’t do plot resetting since I have all four characters, so I’ll just have to live with it. Animal Crossing: it’s a love/hate relationship, but mostly love.


P.S.– I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July weekend (even if you’re not American, I hope you had a great weekend!), and I hope your town will flourish and continue to be a source of happiness, even with all the frustrations we’ve come to know and love/hate!

House Tour- Artemis’ Library!

Hello again! It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been pretty busy in real life as I’m about to finish up my first year of college! One final left to go…and then I can play a lot more Animal Crossing!

So, this post is going to be similar to the last one as it’s another house tour! This time, I’m going to show you Artemis’ house. While I love all the houses in my town, I have to say Artemis’ is my personal favorite. I was inspired by a few dream visits to have a library-themed house, and it’s been a lot of fun making my own. Artemis is my fourth character so her house isn’t fully expanded yet, still a work in progress.


The entrance to the library is also something I’m proud of- originally I wanted to put the house next to where the windmill used to be but there was no room. Now it’s come full circle, as I recently rebuilt the windmill right next to Artemis like I always wanted. 🙂


The grand entrance! I remember it seemed like forever before this room was fully expanded and I could fit everything. I ordered a looot of large bookcases and couldn’t put them anywhere for a while!

I made a few patterns for this room, including the “Amethyst Public Library” and “Quiet Please” signs. I think they add a nice personal touch.

HNI_0012_MPO HNI_0013_MPO HNI_0011_MPO HNI_0014_MPO

This is the library café, and it’s probably my favorite room in my entire town. (Which is why it has the most pictures in this post… :P) Of course, the idea of a café or bakery in Animal Crossing isn’t anything new, but I wanted mine to be different from all the rooms I’d seen before. This room is also really fun to visit with friends because we can sit down at the tables and pose like we’re having coffee together!

HNI_0015_MPO HNI_0016_MPO

This is a little (very little) side room. Not quite sure I want to put in here since it’s hard to keep coming up with good library themed rooms! I might make it into a fancy reading room, or maybe it’s the librarian’s office, or maybe there’s some historical things on display? If anyone has some ideas, a comment would be much appreciated! For now, it’s just a cute side area.

HNI_0007_MPO HNI_0006_MPO

The back room is a reading/study room with lots of tables and chairs with books and research-type things. As someone who used to spend a lot of time studying in the library in high school, a stylish reading room is very important! I’m still on the lookout for items that would make sense for the desks instead of plants, but it kind of makes it look like the villagers are studying them for a project 🙂

HNI_0018_MPO HNI_0017_MPO

The last room, Artemis’ upstairs bedroom. It might be small but it sure is cozy! It’s nice having one room that isn’t completely library or book themed!

Well, that’s the Amethyst Public Library! In the near future I’m planning on moving Artemis’ room to the basement to make room for an observatory on the top floor! Hopefully I can get started on that sooner or later. Of course, if you’d like to see Artemis’ library house in all its 3-D glory, my dream address is 5500-2145-8833! There are a few minor changes I made since the update but it’s just a few items. Other than that it’s just like the pictures!

Until next time,

Mayor Sophie

House Tour– Mayor Sophie’s Fully Expanded House!!

Fairly recently, I fully expanded Sophie’s house and finished decorating! While my other characters all have themed houses based on the personalities I’ve come up with for them, Sophie is just a reflection of myself and what I personally like. So, without further ado, let’s begin a little tour of the place!


The outside is almost all mermaid themed, except for the pink mailbox. Purple and pink are my favorite colors, so I naturally wanted pink and purple flowers for the entrance. Just behind the house is Sophie’s “backyard” with a special tree stump and mushrooms and clovers. I find a lot of villagers like to walk through this area!


Moving inside, the main room is full of the complete sweets series. Believe it or not, I actually won this whole set through a giveaway on tumblr, so luckily I didn’t have to pay anything for it! As you can see, Julian stopped in for a visit in the middle of me taking pictures.


The mermaid theme continues in my left side room! Even before New Leaf came out, I knew I wanted to collect this series. All the blue lights give it a very peaceful underwater atmosphere.

HNI_0028_JPG HNI_0029_JPG

This back room is dedicated to villager pictures! Some of them live in town and some have moved out, but I love having most of them in one place.  I originally wanted this room to be just for pictures, trophies, and other accomplishments, but when I got my hands on the sloppy set (again, thanks to a wonderful tumblr user), I had no place to put it. Somehow it just made sense to combine it with some egg and other random furniture to make this! If I change any room in the future it would probably be this one, but for now I like it a lot.

HNI_0030_JPG HNI_0031_JPG

The right room is probably my favorite room in the house! This room is just themed around cute stuff. Originally I planned to have this room filled with the lovely set customized with rubies. I later realized it would be too much and started out with the theme of blue and pink polka dot furniture, and the rest of the theme followed from there.

HNI_0033_JPG HNI_0032_JPG

The basement was the last room I upgraded. I always planned for this room to be a music-themed room so I could put up as many KK Slider covers as possible. I actually put up so many that I ran out the furniture limit pretty quickly! 😛 I like coming down to this room to do the shrunk funk shuffle, especially when friends are visiting.

HNI_0034_JPG HNI_0035_JPG

Last but not least, Sophie’s room! I struggled for a really long time on what to do with this room and I constantly changed themes. I originally wanted to make it look like my room in real life, then I changed it to a really regal pink room. When I fully expanded I didn’t know how to fill the space so I went through my closets and found a bunch of unused furniture that I still really liked, and voila! This room is definitely a good representation of my tastes!

Well, that’s it for this house tour. I plan to do tours for my remaining three characters (Saria, Mauve, and Artemis) sometime in the future! You can visit all of these rooms if you come to my newly-updated dream town! 5500-2145-9833!

Until next time,


Spring Dream Address Update- Come Visit Amethyst! 5500-2145-9833

HNI_0020_MPO HNI_0019_MPO

Amethyst’s dream address has been updated for spring! The address is 5500-2145-9833. The beginning of spring is probably my favorite season in New Leaf and I’ve been really eager to update  ever since! In addition to a few new areas of town, I’ve worked on a bunch of new rooms in Saria, Mauve, and Artemis’ houses. Overall I’m really happy with how Amethyst is looking now! Come visit if you want to see for yourself! ^.^

HNI_0018_MPO HNI_0015_MPO

Couldn’t resist taking a lot of pictures to show off Amethyst! I

I almost always update my dream address at about 5:00, when the sunset is just starting and everything has a orange-y pinkish glow to it.

HNI_0014_MPO HNI_0013_MPO

That’s all for now!